1. Lecture1 Number Systems Z.pptx
  2. Lecture2 Binary Arithmetics Z.pptx
  3. Lecture3 Floating Point and Codes Z.pptx
  4. Lecture4 Boolean Algebra Z.pptx
  5. Lecture5 Boolean Equations and KMaps NN.pptx
  6. Lecture6 Symbols, Analysis, Design, NANDs NN.pptx
  7. Lecture7 State Machines XX.pptx
  8. Lecture8 Arduino- lecture_microcontroller_overview.ppt
  9. Lecture9 Robot Metaphors + models + dialog.ppt
  10. Lecture10 Line following-Braitenberg,robot examples
  11. Lecture11 Intro_Fuzzy_Logic.ppt
  12. Lecture12 Quantum Robot.pptx
  13. Lecture13 Example of quantum robot in RobotC language.pdf
  14. Lecture14 Smarter Braitenberg Vehicles.ppt
  15. Lecture15 Python_ Basics, Strings and lists.ppt
  16. Lecture16 Python_ Assignments.ppt
  17. Lecture17 Building my own robot from scratch.ppt
  18. Lecture18 Generalized Braitenberg Vehicles.ppt