We are located in the Western United States of America.

....... and more exactly.......

PSU campus, here the Symposium will take place, in a new building of which we are very proud of.
Here are the engineering students working on homeworks in circuits....

General view of Portland with Mount Hood Mountain in background.
Portland is known to be one of most liveable cities in USA.

It is also known of having the largest gardern/forest in the middle of the town.
Twenty minutes walk from Symposium site.

Bicycles are popular here and many biking tours are available.
The city is friendly to bikes.

Mount Hood dominates the landscape of northern Oregon.
We can organize an excursion there.

Besides the ISMVL, you have rivers in Oregon.

....... and many waterfalls.......

bYou can enjoy rafting in famous Oregon's rivers, known from many Western Movies.

Oregon is the land of several famous gardens......
Portland is known to be one of most liveable cities in USA.

We do not have too many palaces, but there is one.......

You can enjoy snow in Summer.

There are many ski facilites close to town.

Nice hotel facilities in Mountains: Timberline Lodge.

You can ski in Oregon all year around, if you have time.....

By the way, we are back at Portland State.
You can visit Portland Center for Advanced Technology, PCAT, and meet
our students. Hopefully, in YEAR 2000, the fountain will be already repaired.