Useful Links related to the project.
  1. Project Description for Summer 1999.
  2. The ideas of the robotics projects. What is here is much more than in your class project. But it is a source of ideas where to go with this project. Any suggestions are welcome.
  3. Information about our entire robotic project for undergraduates.
  4. Slides about our robotics project.
  5. Paper about our robotics approach
  6. Information about using PAL programmer. This programmer is in FAB building. Ask Tom Kautzmann, Lab Supervisor, Ugur Kalay, or any other TA of EE203 laboratory for help with the PAL programmer.
    More information is on laboratory project descriptions: ECE 210 = ECE 203 Manuals.
  7. The Newest FPGAs from Xilinx
  8. Simple Robotics Projects
  9. Parallel Ports
  10. VHDL Tutorial
  11. Materials from my graduate VHDL class, here you can find examples of state machines, counters, generalized registers, ALUs and many other that you can take and modify.
  12. Many good VHDL Tutorials.
  13. Syllabus of EE 271