Publications of Marek A. Perkowski, 1980.

Last Update of this List of Publications: October 18, 1997.

  1. Marek Perkowski, "The method of solving combinatorial problems in the automatic design of digital systems". Institute of Automatic Control, Technical University of Warsaw, Ph.D. Thesis, 1980, 434 pages in Polish. Name of Advisor: Professor Wieslaw Traczyk, Director of the Institute of Automatic Control.

  2. Ewa Dobrzynska, and Marek Perkowski, "Description of the Problem Instead of the Description of the Solution Process: Heuristic Programming Languages," In A. Goralski, (ed.), "Problem, method, solution," Collection 3, Scientific - Technical Publishers, (in Polish), pp. 167-199, 1980.

  3. Marek Perkowski, "Digital Design by Problem-Solving Transformations," Proc. of the International Conference on "Artificial Intelligence and Information-Control Systems of Robots," pp. 18/1-18/19, Smolenice near Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, 30 June - 4 July, 1980.

  4. Marek Perkowski, "Multistrategical Problem Solver," Proc. of the 2nd International Meeting on Intelligent Robotics and Knowledge Representation, Plenum Press, Repino near Leningrad, USSR, 12-19 October 1980.

  5. Andrzej Krasinski, and Marek Perkowski, "The System ORTOCARTAN. Instruction for Users," Report of the Nicolaus Copernicus Center of Astronomy of Polish Academy of Sciences, 90 pages, Second Edition 1980.