Mitchell Research Group

Computer Science Department
Portland State University


Efsun Sarioglu Kayi

Ph.D. Students

Max Quinn

Jordan Witte

Anthony Rhodes (and friend)

Sheng Lundquist

Masters Students

Kendall Stewart


Garrett Kenyon
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Former Postdocs

Ludo Pagie, University of Utrecht
Manuel Marques-Pita , Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia

Former Ph.D. Students

Will Landecker (Ph.D., 2014, Portland State Univeristy), Data Scientist, Lyft. Dissertation

Ralf Juengling (Ph.D., 2013, Portland State University), R&D Engineer, Synopsys.     Dissertation

Mick Thomure (Ph.D., 2013, Portland State University), Data Scientist, Yieldbot. Dissertation

Martin Cenek (Ph.D., 2011, Portland State University), Assistant Professor, University of Alaska. Dissertation

Payel Ghosh (Ph.D., 2010, Portland State University), Research Scientist, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Dissertation

Wim Hordijk (Ph.D., 1999, University of New Mexico), Consultant. Dissertation

Rajarshi Das (Ph.D., 1996, Colorado State University), Director of Research, KOR Group LLC.

Former M.S. (Thesis) Students

Clinton Olson (M.S., Portland State University): Thesis

Joanna Solmon (M.S., Portland State University): Thesis

George Dittmar (M.S., Portland State University): Thesis

Karan Sharma (M.S., Portland State University): Thesis

Davy Stevenson (M.S., Portland State University): Thesis

Lanfranco Muzi (M.S., Portland State University): Thesis

Dan Coates (M.S., Portland State Univeristy): Thesis

Nathan Williams (M.S., Oregon Graduate Institute): Thesis

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