My scientific ancestry

My Ph.D. advisors: Douglas Hofstadter (main advisor) and John Holland (co-advsior).

Hofstadter Branch:

Douglas Hofstadter's Ph.D. advisor: Gregory Wannier (Ph.D., University of Basel, 1935).

Gregory Wannier's advisors: Ralph H. Fowler (Ph.D. Cambridge, 1915) and W. Matthies.

Ralph H. Fowler's advisor: Archibald V. Hill (Ph.D., Cambridge, 1909).

Archibald V. Hill's advisor: Walter Morley Fletcher (M.D, Cambridge, 1904).

Walter Morley Fletcher's advisor: John Newport Langley (degree unknown).

John Newport Langley's advisor: Michael Foster (degree unknown).

Michael Foster's advisor: Thomas Henry Huxley (degree unknown).

Thomas Henry Huxley's advisor: Thomas Wharton Jones (degree unknown).

(Thanks to Greg Huber and the Mathematics Genealogy Project for this information.)

Holland Branch:

John Holland's Ph.D. advisor: Arthur Burks (Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1941).

Arthur Burks' Ph.D. advisor: Cooper Harold Langford (Ph.D., Harvard, 1924). Also Paul Henle?

Some of my academic siblings, cousins, etc. (an incomplete list):

Rik Belew (Ph.D. Advisors: Stephen Kaplan and Paul Scott)
Don Byrd (Ph.D. Advisor: Douglas Hofstadter)
Dave Chalmers (Ph.D. Advisor: Douglas Hofstadter)
Gray Clossman (Ph.D. Advisor: Douglas Hofstadter)
Edgar Codd (Ph.D. Advisor: Arthur Burks)
Ken De Jong (Ph.D. Advisor: John Holland)
Stephanie Forrest (Ph.D. Advisor: John Holland) (Note: Contrary to what some people believe, Stephanie and I are two different people.)
Harry Foundalis (Ph.D. Advisor: Douglas Hofstadter)
Bob French (Ph.D. Advisor: Douglas Hofstadter)
David Goldberg (Ph.D. Advisor: John Holland)
Greg Huber (Ph.D. Advisor: Eugene Stanley; earlier advisor: Douglas Hofstadter)
Chris Langton (Ph.D. Advisor: Arthur Burks)
Jim Marshall (Ph.D. Advisor: Douglas Hofstadter)
Gary McGraw (Ph.D. Advisor: Douglas Hofstadter)
Marsha Meredith (Ph.D. Advisor: Douglas Hofstadter)
Tommaso Toffoli (Ph.D. Advisor: Arthur Burks)

A couple of "firsts" in my family tree: