A Logic for Objects

This paper was presented at the Workshop on Deductive Databases and Logic Programming, 1986.  While there is a proceedings for that workshop, this paper does not appear there, though it is sometimes cited as being in those proceedings. (It was judged “very promising but at too early a stage to justify publication”.) Nevertheless, I think the paper was influential.


It introduced the idea of “Skolem surrogates” as identities in object-creating rules, and it stimulated the development of other object logics, such as Kifer and Lausen’s F-Logic, Warren and Chen’s C-Logic, and a reformulation (and extension) of O-Logic by Kifen and Wu.


A scan of the paper is available here.


David Maier.

A Logic for Objects.

Technical Report CS/E-86-012, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Oregon Graduate Center, November 1986.