Jingke Li

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Portland State University

Ph.D., Computer Science, Yale University, 1991

Email: li@cs.pdx.edu
Office: FAB 120-06
Phone: (503) 725-4053
Fax: (503) 725-3211


W'11: CS106 Computing Fundamentals II (Notes available at Desire2Learn site)
W'11: CS321 Languages and Compiler Design I

CS106 Computing Fundamentals II (S'10, W'10, F'07)
CS305 Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications of Computing (F'09, S'09, W'09)
CS321 Languages and Compiler Design I (W'10, F'08, W'08, W'06, W'04, F'03, F'01, W'01)
CS322 Languages and Compiler Design II (W'09, S'08, S'06, S'04, W'04, W'02, S'01)
CS415/515 Parallel Programming (S'10, S'09, F'07, S'06, S'05, S'04, S'03, S'02, S'00)
CS558 Programming Languages (F'05, W'05, F'04, W'03, F'02, F'00)
CS577 Compiler Construction (W'03)
CS510 Cluster Computing (W'02)


Jingke Li is interested in various aspects of parallel computation, in particular, programming languages, compilers, and tools. He is conducting a research project on compiler techniques for parallel architectures. The project focuses on three topics: (1) a uniform framework for defining and analyzing parallel, sequential, and functional programming constructs; (2) an intermediate program representation suitable for compiler optimizations for communication, data alignment, and memory accesses; and (3) effective compile-time communication scheduling techniques for distributed-memory multicomputers.

Selected Publications and Related Works