Blursk 1.3

Blursk is a visualization plugin for the Linux XMMS MP3 player (a clone of WinAmp). It was inspired by the "Blur Scope" plugin, but Blursk goes far beyond that. It supports a wide variety of colormaps, blur patterns, plotting styles, and other options. The only things that haven't changed are portions of the XMMS interface and configuration code.

Screen shots!

I've added some features to Blursk to make it easier to live with than most other visualization plugins...

  1. You can bring up its Configure window by right-clicking on the image. This is much more convenient than the usual "Go to XMMS, press <Ctrl-V>, select the plugin, click [Configure]" sequence (although that method works too).
  2. The About window contains a scrollable description of the options.
  3. The Configure window has an [About] button on it, so you don't need to bring up XMMS' visualization list just for that.
  4. You can move the image window by dragging it with the left mouse button. When moved this way, it will remember its position the next time you start it. If you accidentally move it off-screen, then the saved position will be ignored the next time you start Blursk.
  5. You can save your favorite configurations as "presets".
  6. Blursk can be told to randomly choose a different preset for each song.
  7. You can cut & paste Blursk configurations. The configuration is represented by a short string. The Configuration dialog has a [Copy] button which allows you to paste the current configuration into another document such as email or a web page. Later, you can select that string in some other program's window, and then middle-click on the Blursk window. The screenshots page contains some strings that you can paste in this way.

The biggest changes since 1.2 are:

  1. Some of the options from the Configure dialog have been moved to a new "Advanced" dialog. Presets store all the options from the Configure dialog but none from the Advanced dialog.
  2. Full-screen modes! A variety of full-screen modes are supported; you can select one via the Advanced dialog. You can even use the Blursk animation as your wallpaper!
  3. It can display information about the current song.
  4. The background color is configurable. Previously it was always black.
  5. The sensitivity of the beat detector is now adjustable, on the Advanced dialog.
  6. The "Random dots" option has been replaced by a new "Floaters" option.
  7. The window position is remembered exactly. Previously it would drift slightly each time Blursk was restarted.
  8. A new "Show window title" option has been added to the Advanced dialog. This controls whether the Blursk animation window will be opened as a regular top-level application window, or a dialog window. Depending on which window manager you're running, this may affect the window's placement as well as the appearance of its titlebar.

Source code Blursk-1.3.tar.gz 345631 bytes This will unpack into a directory named "Blursk-1.3". Go into that directory and run "configure", followed by "make". Then (as root) run "make install".
Linux RPM Blurk-1.3.rpm 95110 bytes For Redhat, SuSE, and related distributions -- install it in the usual way.
Linux binary 194563 bytes Install this in your XMMS "Visualization" directory. You can run "xmms-config --plugin-dir" to find the top of XMMS' plugin tree; the Visualization directory is a subdirectory under that.
Presets blursk-presets 16386 bytes Save this as "~/.xmms/blursk-presets".