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Karla S. Fant - Senior Instructor at Portland State University

 Introductory Computer Science Curriculum

Welcome to Winter 2014! We have developed some phenomenal material and exciting classes. I teach three classes this term (CS162, CS163, and CS202).  This term there is a difference between enrolling in Section 001 (Inclass) and Section 002 (online). Inclass students participate by attending class. Online students participate as independent learners. For both sections, there are online practice quizzes to reinforce the material covered in lecture which is newly designed to improve student learning! Each class has an associated lab section where we program in smaller situations to reinforce the course materials.This should be a great term and I am looking forward to meeting all of you! I highly recommend taking the in-class labs!

If you have programmed before in any programming language and are comfortable writing programs from scratch then you can skip CS161 and start immediately with CS162. But, if you have never programmed, make sure to take CS161 first! CS163 assumes that you already are comfortable with C++, pointers, dynamic memory, and linear linked lists.
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Karla's Office hours are 
Mondays 12-2pm in FAB 120-19 
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