Even I take a break from Computer Science sometimes...

If I'm not doing computer science, I'm probably out Racewalking.

Racewalking is an Olympic sport with two rules: at least one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times, and the leg must be straightened from first contact with the ground until it passes behind the torso. These rules are enforced by judges along the course, who disqualify walkers who break them. (Similar to swimming, where competitors are limited to a particular stroke in each meet, racewalk judging is designed to prevent unfair competition by running.) In the USA competitive racewalking is run by USA Track and Field (USATF) . I am a USATF Oregon Association official.

I'm currently recovering from a car accident. Hoping to race again some day.

I am the 2009 USA National 50k Racewalk Champion.

"Fifty-kilometer racewalkers consider themselves the toughest of the tough" -- Elliott Denman

"Veinte kilometros es para ninos y cincuenta kilometros es una distancia para las mujeres." -- Mexican saying, in translation

"This is the most RiDICulous race!!" -- Cary Grant, in Walk Don't Run