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Fall 2020

Professor Karen L. Karavanic (karavan at pdx.edu)

Zoom Lecture and Class Meeting: Tuesday / Thursday 4:40 pm (1640)


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Computer Security is a critical and unsolved problem today. A 2018 Report from The Council of Economic Advisors (" The Cost of Malicious Cyber Activity to the U.S. Economy") estimates the $ cost of malicious cyber activity in 2016 at $57-109 billion. The report states "Malicious cyber activity directed at private and public entities manifests as denial of service attacks, data and property destruction, business disruption (sometimes for the purpose of collecting ransoms) and theft of proprietary data, intellectual property, and sensitive financial and strategic information."

Today's interconnected world presents significant opportunities for digital interactions. A broad set of online activities including banking, shopping, managing health records, and social media rely heavily on servers and clouds to store and transmit rapidly growing sets of personal information. How can we secure these systems and the information they store and use?

In this course we will survey the major areas of computer security, serving as an introduction and framework to move forward with more focused study of security, or work in any area of Computer Science and Software Engineering.

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Additional required readings will be from freely available notes, papers and articles.