PSU/CS 572 OS Internals Home Page

This home page is intended for the use of the CS 572 OS Internals class and will have links to documents useful for the class. At this time CS 572, has three different aspects. 1. It may be a class on Linux Internals. 2. It may be a class on Linux device drivers., 3. It may be a class on TCP/IP stack internals in an operating system. The latter form is currently based on the BSD TCP/IP stack.

This year (*Fall 2009*) Bart Massey and I am teaching a class on Linux device drivers. The rest of this has not yet been updated.

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How to find Jim

Fall 2009 syllabus

The syllabus has basic information about the class, where it meets, outline of topics, books, grading, tests, assignments, lesson plan, etc.

Linux ORA Driver Book Chapter Notes

per chapter lecture notes

BSD TCP/IP stack book lecture Notes

per chapter lecture notes

Intel IXP book chapters fixed up for 2400

revised chapters

Some class handouts, assignments focused on the ixp2400.
ixp handouts, etc.

Old Lecture Notes (on Bach book for the most part)

Some old lecture notes on mostly the Bach book.

lecture notes

Misc. UNIX prog. examples

General handouts

  • bpf handout directory

  • Urls of interest - UNIX related

  • linux kernel page
  • the linux documentation project
  • HOWTO on modules
  • sourceforge
  • linux -
  • linux pcmcia src
  • linux laptop page
  • FreeBSD home page
  • OpenBSD home page
  • NetBSD home page
  • FreeBSD docs page
  • FreeBSD handbook
  • MINIX o.s.
  • Lions v6 UNIX commentary
  • all the news (slashdot)

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