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This page is the home page for CS 594/494 "Internetworking Protocols" (TCP/IP). It serves to tie together various class facilities including the syllabus, assignments, handouts, and on-line lecture slides. In general, it is intended for the use of the PSU/CS TCP/IP class and will have links to documents useful for the class. For quarters when the class is taught, it describes the current class. Otherwise it refers to the last class taught.

Click on the coffee icon below to get to the information associated with the label. If you are wondering why we used a coffee icon, you will find out as the class proceeds.

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Syllabus (txt)

The syllabus has basic information about the class, where it meets, outline of topics, books, grading, tests, assignments, lesson plan, etc.

Intro (first day/first week) handouts (txt)

The first week handouts can be downloaded or obtained from Clean Copy on Broadway. Only the syllabus will be handed out in class (and at PSU only)

  • handout checklist for 1st week handouts
  • all first day handouts in one shar wrapper
  • Syllabus (txt)
  • selected bibliography
  • rfclist (assignment)
  • a1 - udp/reliable protocol
  • tcpclient.c
  • tcpserver.c
  • udpclient.c
  • udpserver.c
  • Makefile
  • IPv6 handouts (later in class)

  • ipv6 traceroute
  • ipv6 netstat -an
  • ipv6 ndp -a
  • ipv6 dns example
  • combined ipv4/ipv6 tcpclient.c
  • combined ipv4/ipv6 tcpserver.c
  • combined ipv4/ipv6 udpclient.c
  • combined ipv4/ipv6 udpserver.c

  • Lectures as PDF files. Get the lectures from here.

    Video playback services for class

  • psu media - windows media player

    Miscellaneous (virtual) handouts (txt)

  • UNIX networking utility information (old but much of the info is still useful).

  • Info on programming sockets

    Look at the readme.txt file

    Misc. socket prog. examples


    Hint to the alert student. Make sure the assignment is actually issued and that you have the right one, before you go and do it. Doing the wrong assignment can be bad for both health and grade.

  • a1 - udp/reliable protocol
  • a2 - tcp/simple rpc file system
  • another a2 - simple ftp/tcp-based client
  • another a2 - simple irc-like client/server system

  • Study Questions

    Various study questions will be posted to the class mail list as the class proceeds over a quarter. They are currently not organized in a nice clickable list, but hopefully you can find the appropriate set of questions as we go along in the course.

    Urls of interest

  • tcp sequence diagrams and other useful info
  • RFC home page
  • - Inet stats
  • IETF home page
  • IAB home page

    ISC is the home of bind/dhcp server reference implementations.

  • Internet Systems Consortium (ISC)
  • IANA and assigned numbers
  • CAT Network Page
  • ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers
  • APNIC Asian-Pacific Registry for Internet Numbers
  • RIPE Registry for Internet Numbers
  • AFRINIC Registry for Internet Numbers
  • LACNIC Registry for Internet Numbers
  • NANOG - North American Network Operator's Group

  • Email to Jim Binkley: