Volume 3, Chapter 6:

Names Associated with the Interior of the Ch段n


The string eyes go through (the body) beyond the edge of the bridge. The inside begins to be hollow around eight to nine tenths of an inch inside the bridge border. Some wood is left around the edges on the left and right. The na-yin (納音) are slightly raised at the positions at the pool and the pond.[1] Wood must also be left where the wild geese feet (雁足) are placed. (These places) on the outside are half moon (in shape) and square on the inside. These are called foot pools (tz置-ch段h 足池). In the center of the extreme end area, wood is left on both sides. This is called the sound container (ch弾ng yin 承音). The sides here should be substantial. In the center of the interior, one has two pillars. Heaven is round and the earth is square. The pillar of heaven (天柱) goes in between the third to fourth hui. The earth pillar (地柱) is placed between the eighth and ninth hui.




















[1] This refers to the phoenix pond (鳳沼) and dragon pool (龍池) sound holes. See the glossary for more information.