Dominant Intermetallic Compounds for
Common Bimetal Combinations
Bimetal Combination Intermetallic Compounds Formed Dominant Intermetallic Compounds
Gold-Aluminum (Au-Al) Au5Al2, Au2Al, AuAl2, AuAl, Au4Al [Philosky, 1970; Philosky, 1971] Au5Al2, Au2Al
Copper-Aluminum (Cu-Al) CuAl2, CuAl, CuAl2, Cu9Al4 [Olsen and James, 1984; Pitt and Needes, 1981; Gershinskii, 1977; Campisano, 1978; Funamizu, and Watanabe, 1971] CuAl2
Gold-Silver (Au-Ag) Large silver diffusion into the wire bulk along the wire length. Rapid silver surface diffusion resulted in depletion at bond periphery. [James, 1977]  
Copper-Gold (Cu-Au) Cu3Au, CuAu, CuAu3 [Hall, 1975; Tu and Berry, 1972] Cu3Au