Kai Jiang

    Build My Blog with Hugo

    Feb 2, 2015

    Hello Hugo

    Hugo is a static site generator written in Go. It is awesome. Compared to jekyll or other static site generator, it is light-weight.

    How it’s made

    There is a quick tutorial teach yourself how to deploy and generator with Hugo.

    UCSB Philosophy website is also build with Hugo. This README on its Github.com is also a good introdution.

    Test on localhost

    Install Hugo, then run it from the command-line:

    hugo server --source=/path/to/project/folder --watch

    Every change when you save file, whole site will be generated again and refresh the browser. So you could see the changes immediately.

    When you done with your test on localhost, run

    hugo --source=/path/to/project/folder/

    hugo will generate static web and substitute localhost:1313 with baseurl into your config.(yaml|toml|json) if it’s set up.


    contentdir: "content"
    layoutdir: "layouts"
    publishdir: "public"
      category: "categories"
    baseurl : "http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~jiangkai"
    languageCode : "en-us"
    title : "vectorijk"
    canonifyurls : true

    canonifyurls is true, hugo will change localhost:1313 with baseurl ; else will not.

    What’s next

    Copy public directory into your web server directory (like public_html). Okay, it’s done.


    Write a Makefiles