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QuickTime and CHP
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General warning: CHP is more prone to crashes whenever you are dealing with QuickTime Movies, so make sure you have ALL your work saved when you start adding your multimedia content.

Inserting QuickTime movies

To insert a QuickTime movie into a web page, first place the movie somewhere in your site's folder. Then open the web page where you want to place the movie, and place the insertion point at the desired position. Next, select "QuickTime movie..." from the "Insert" menu. You will be presented with a standard Open File dialog box. Navigate to the movie you want to insert, and click the Open button.


Besides QuickTime movies, CHP will let you "insert" other types of media files, which it then converts to QuickTime files, and saves in (on the Mac) System Folder:Preferences:Translated Documents.

Audio tracks of an audio CD in your CD-ROM drive.

System 7 sound files - the kind that look like System7 sound icon - a speaker on a file icon .

AIFF files, one of a number of common formats.