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James "Jim" Hook

Associate Dean
Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Portland State University

Maseeh College Office:
Room 502E
Engineering Building
1930 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, Oregon

Computer Science Office:
Room 120-05
Forth Avenue Building
1900 SW 4th Ave.
Portland, Oregon

Fall 2012 Office Hours:
Mondays, 3-5pm, EB 502E
or by appointment

Mailing Address:
Portland State University
PO Box 751 MCECS
Portland, Oregon 97207 - 0751

Shipping address:
Suite 500
1930 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97201-5304
+1 503 725 5166 (Dean's Office)
+1 503 725 5540 (CS Office)