A Video Overview of

Arduino and the AVR Microcontroller

Prof. Harry Porter

Portland State University

These videos introduce and describe the AVR microprocessor and the Arduino single board computers. We discuss the instruction set architecture of the AVR, the software programming and downloading process, and conclude with an example program. We go over the code, show how it is compiled and loaded into the Flash memory on the board, and demonstrate the resulting system using a button and knob to control an LED and servo motor.
Number of videos: 6
Total time: 80 minutes (1 hour, 20 minutes)
Average time per video: 13 minutes
Date created: June 1, 2015
Link to YouTube playlist: here
Lecture Notes/Slides: pdf
The Videos

Introduction to Arduino Boards and the AVR Processor (8 mins)
      What is an Arduino board? What is an AVR processor?

Overview of the AVR Processor (12 mins)
      The Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) of the AVR processor chip; Memory layout; Register organization.

The AVR Instruction Set (16 mins)
      A detailed look at the AVR instruction set; Descriptions of individual instructions.

Interrupt Processing (10 mins)
      Types of interrupts; Interrupt processing; Return from interrupt handlers.

Arduino Software (9 mins)
      The Arduino software package; The IDE (Integrated Development Environment); Compiling and downloading code to the chip; Pros and cons of the AVR.

Demo & Future Directions (25 mins)
      Sensors and Actuators; Pulse Width Modulation; A small working program; The circuit wiring; Seeing it work; Where to go next.

About the Videos

Produced on a Mac; MP4 (MPEG-4, H.264)
640 x 360; Frame rate: 24 FPS.
Streaming data rate: about 350 kbit/s; Stereo (AAC-LC, 32 kHz)

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