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A page with links to over 60 videos, each showing a different interesting or unusual robot, showcasing the diversity of contemporary robotic and bionic technology.
This page created: January 2009

MIT's Nexi Robot

It is currently impossible to make a robotic face that is really human-like without it also looking weird or creepy. (See Eva, below.) This robot's face is an excellent, effective compromise.

Honda's Asimo

Akiba - Japanese Humanoid Female

Kismet - The Emotional Robot

This robot reflects research into which aspects of facial movement provide cues about human emotions.

Newlaunches FT - Small Feminine Walker

This robot is 14 inches tall and has 23 degrees of freedom. The goal was to produce a robot with a sexy swagger.

Automotive Manufacturing - Kuka Assembly Robot

Big Dog - Walking Quadruped from Boston Dyamics

Very impressive, dynamic behavior. This robot is very active with a high energy level coupled with graceful, animal-like movement. Try to download this video with a higher-speed Internet connection, so YouTube will send down a larger, non-jerky version of the video.

SARCOS - Exoskeleton for Soldiers

Shape-Shifting Swarm Robotics at CMU

Robots using Rat Brain Cells

Robots Inspired by Animals

Aiko - A Talking Head, With Pattern Recognition

This robot demonstrates more than just the ability to move; She/it can is also equiped with some voice and visual recognition capability.

Joey Chaos - A Talking Head (Delivering philosophy with piercings.)

His diatribe seems to be fixed and pre-programmed.

Jules - A Talking Head

This robot does well at replicating the lip movements while speaking, although it is clearly recognizable as non-human.

Eva - A Talking Head

It is currently impossible to mimic all the many facial muscles and complex movements in a human head. This robot demonstrates that if not done well, the result can be creepy or disturbing.

Snake Robot

Large 6 Legged Robotic Vehicle

Transformer - Humvee Bioloid

Hexapod Phoenix - 6 Legged Spider Manipulating a Box

Cockroach - Research at Case Western Reserve University

Cots-M Spy Robot (Military Hardware)

Mule - 6 Wheeled Army Vehicle

Crusher - 6 Wheeled Military Vehicle

Giant 2 Legged Walker, Armed & Carrying a Human

Walking Rhino-like Thing

Hubo FX-1 2 Legged Walking Chair

Albert HUBA - Walking Humanoid with Einstein-like Head

Fast Pick-and-Place Industrial Arm

Wall Climbing Wheeled Vehicle

Fast Pick-and-Place Industrial Arm

Fast Pick-and-Place Industrial Arm

Fast Pick-and-Place Industrial Arm

HyDRAS Arm, with Interesting Controlling Mechanism

Snake in Water

Humanoid, Remotely Controlled by Human

Inchworm with Muscle Wire

Artificial Muscle Material

Shaped Memory Wire - Artificial Muscle Material

FESTO - Bionic Hand with Hydraulic Actuators

Bionic Wire-Framed Hand

Cronos - Two Arms on a Workbench

DARPA's Bionic Hand

Mowgli - 2 Legged Jumping Robot

Jumping Robot - Air Powered

One-Legged Hopper from MIT

I saw this one and I remember how powerful and dangerous this thing seemed to be. They kept people safe from it. This was an early and impressive demonstration of dynamic balance.

Two Legged Dynamic Balancing Robot (It does a flip.)

Running Quadruped from CMU

MicroClipper Robot - Competing in a Maze Task

Four Legged Starfish Robot - Walking

Little Dog - Four Legged, Walking over Rough Terrain

HPI G-Dog - 4 Legged Walking Dog

Bionic Baby Seal

iRobot's Looj - A Gutter-Cleaning Robotic Product

iRobot's PackBot - A Treaded All-Terrain Robotic Product

iRobot's Roomba - A Vacuum Cleaning Robotic Product

FRC Microcontroller for FIRST Robotics Competition

Robotic Facial Expression Research - Takanishi Lab

Bicycle Riding Robot

NOVA - Cynthia Breazeal Discusses Robotics

Speaking Robot at MIT - With Unusual Fuzzy Behavior

LISA - A Female Companion

This video is a hoax.

Battle Robots in Action

Fictional, from the movie Terminator 3.

Warnings of a Dark Future: The Emergence of Machine Intelligence

by Harry H. Porter III, Ph.D.

What is the future of machines? Robots, genetic algorithms, artificial intelligence, viruses... where will all this lead? We are in the midst of creating a technology that--like the atomic bomb before it--may make the world vastly more dangerous than its inventors realize.

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