Harry H. Porter III, Ph.D.

Portland State University
Dept. of Computer Science
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751

email: porter@pdx.edu
office: Fourth Ave. Building, room 120-13 (click here for map)
office phone: (503) 503-725-9815 (Please leave no messages)

Sc.B., Computer Science, Brown University, 1978
Ph.D., Computer Science, Oregon Graduate Institute, 1988

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Theory of Computation - Video Course

An entire video course on the "Theory of Computation".

Index of videos: click here

Binary Data Representation - Video Course

A short video course on two's complement signed numbers, floating point number representation, pointers, ASCII, Unicode, and more.

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Cache Memories - Video Course

These videos describes how cache memory works.

Index of videos: click here

Arduino and the AVR Processor - Video Course

These videos introduce and describe the AVR microprocessor and the Arduino single bloard computers.

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Assembly Programming and Instruction Set Architecture - Video Course

A short video course on machine code, assembly language programming, and processor architecture.

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Relay Computer

I have built a computer out of relays.

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Research Interests

Object-Oriented Technology; Programming Languages, Environments, and Systems; Compilation Technology; Distribution and Concurrency Control; Computational Linguistics; Logic Programming; Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence; Order, Chaos, and Complexity

The BLITZ Project

The BLITZ System is a collection of software designed to support a university-level course on Operating Systems. Over the course of one or two terms, students will implement a small, but complete, operating system kernel. The BLITZ software provides the framework for these student projects.

The BLITZ Home Page

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Past Courses

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Robot Videos

A page with links to over 60 videos, each showing a different interesting or unusual robot, showcasing the diversity of contemporary robotic and bionic technology.


Harry H. Porter III