Downloading Tools and Tutorials

Most files are "tarballs" or zip files, compressed archives created and unpacked by the GNU "tar" utility or the "unzip" program. To unpack a tarball whose file name is "brarabbit.tgz" the Linux command is:

tar xzf brarabbit.tgz

and to unpack "" is:


executed in a directory where the files are wanted. They usually silently replace any files of the same name already there. Typically, files will be structured into directories and those directories will be created and populated in the current directory when the unpacking program is executed. On a Windows or Mac system, it is usually possible to click on the zip file in a window on the directory that's wanted.

Component Synthesis Tools

The tools are Perl scripts, developed on a Linux platform (kubuntu). They should run without difficulty on Linux, UNIX, and newer Mac OS X platforms. For displays they use GNUPlot, which is also easily installed on those systems. On Windows things are more difficult, but the "Strawberry Perl" distribution and GNUPlot are available. The tool collection includes a file "porting" with details about different platforms.

Tutorial Examples

Unpacks to three directories containing data for a stateless, a with-state, and a concurrent tutorial, briefly described here.
For further information contact:
Dick Hamlet <>

Last Updated: May, 2010