System Facilities

The sys module object can be imported using import "sys" as system, for any identifier system of your choice. The object system responds to the following requests.

type Environment = interface {
    at(key:String) -> String
    at(key:String) put(value:String) -> Boolean
    contains(key:String) -> Boolean

argv -> Sequence⟦String⟧
// the command-line arguments to this program

cwd -> String
// the absolute pathname of the current working directory
elapsedTime -> Number
// the time in seconds, since an arbitrary epoch.  Subtract one elapsedTime
// from another to measure the time between them.
exit(exitCode:Number) -> Done
// terminates the whole program, with exitCode.

execPath -> String
// the directory in which the currently-running executable was found.
environ -> Environment
// the current environment.