Notes on Using the Selected End-of-Chapter Exercises for
Numerical Methods with MATLAB

The solutions are intended to support instructors and students using the book Numerical Methods with MATLAB: Implementations and Applications copyright, © 2000, Prentice Hall. In the text, the Exercises with partial solutions are labeled with Solution Icon. In the solution documents, the complete problem statement is repeated for easy reference.

Remember that these are partial solutions. Except for a handful of Exercises, more effort is required to obtain a complete solution. In some cases solving subsequent Exercises is aided by having access to the partial solutions provided here.

These solutions are copyright, © 2000, Gerald W. Recktenwald, all rights reserved. You are free to download the solutions, store them on your computer, print the slides, post them on web sites, or in display cases. You may not repackage and/or sell these slides in any form, or for any purpose whatsoever.

Viewing and Printing the Solutions

The solutions are available in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). To view them you will need the PDF Reader application for your computer. The Reader is available for free from Adobe, Inc.

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