Notes on Using the Study Guides for
Numerical Methods with MATLAB

The study guides are intended to support instructors and students using the book Numerical Methods with MATLAB: Implementations and Applications copyright, © 2000, Prentice Hall.

The purpose of the guides is to help students reflect on the material in each chapter. I believe that this will be most useful after some attempt has been made to read the chapter. The guides are organized into three levels of achievement:

  1. Bare Essentials
  2. An Expanded Core of Knowledge
  3. Developing Mastery

If you are a student, ask your instructor which of the items he/she considers important.

Some people would refer to the study guides as learning objectives or learning outcomes. I won't quibble over terminology.

These guides are in the public domain and are not copyrighted. Feel free to modify and distribute them as you need. Please consider appropriate attribution if you publish them in another format.

Viewing and Printing the Guides

The Guides are available in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) and as LaTeX source files. To view the PDF files you will need the PDF Reader application for your computer. The Reader is available for free from Adobe, Inc.

If you wish to typeset the Study Guides with LaTeX you will need the studyGuide.sty file and the fancyheadings package from CTAN.

Free Advice for Instructors

I encourage you to download the LaTeX source for the slides and adapt them to the teaching goals of your course. Those of you not familiar with LaTeX should be able to extract the material from the LaTeX source files with a text editor. You may also want to learn more about TeX and LaTeX from the FAQ maintained by the TeX Users Group. I wrote Numerical Methods with MATLAB using OzTeX a shareware implementation of TeX for the Macintosh, and MikTeX a free implementation of TeX for Windows NT/2000.


I welcome comments and suggestions for improvements of these study guides. Send comments to

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