MATLAB(TM) Hypertext Reference, Copyright (c) 1995 Gerald Recktenwald, All rights reserved

These Web pages attempt to provide a concise on-line guide to using MATLAB. The information is organized in outline form so that you may see the interrelationship of topics, and so that you may more easily jump from topic to topic. Most of the common MATLAB commands are demonstrated by example. Many of the MATLAB scripts, m-files and data files used in the examples have links so that you may easily download them.

The information in this reference is geared toward someone just learning MATLAB. Intermediate and expert MATLAB users will find probably find some useful tidbits too.

Here is a high level summary of the contents with links to a detailed outline.

This is an evolving document. The last major update was 13 March 1996. Questions, criticisms, corrections, and suggestions are welcome.

Gerald Recktenwald
Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department
Portland State University, Portland, OR

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