Gerry's Picture
  • Gerald Recktenwald
  • Associate Professor
  • Mechanical and Materials Engineering Dept.
  • Portland State University
  • 503-725-4296
  • gerry at pdx dot edu

Greetings from the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. I am interested in heat transfer, fluid mechanics, numerical methods innovative laboratory teaching methods, hands-on project-based learning, promoting innovation and building pathways to college through invention education. From links on this page you can learn more about the classes I teach, and my research projects.

Classes for Fall 2020:

Arduino programming and interfacing notes from our Freshman Engineering classes ME 120 and ME 121

Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer: If you're interested in numerical modeling of fluids and heat transfer, look at the on-line lecture notes and toy MATLAB codes for my class on applied CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). If you're interested in laboratory techniques related to the cooling of electronic equipment, look at the (old, but still good) lecture notes and lab assignments for my class on thermal management measurements.

MATLAB: If you have arrived at this page looking for information on MATLAB, you will be interested in my book Numerical Methods with MATLAB, or a web page giving overview of MATLAB, my (old) MATLAB Hypertext Reference, and the class ME 352: Numerical Methods in Engineering.

Miscellaneous Links: