CS447/547: Computer Graphics

Instructor: Feng Liu

TA: Zhan Li
Office: Zoom (Appointment by email)     Office: https://pdx.zoom.us/j/84063267395
Office Hours: MW 15:30-16:30 Office Hours: MW 14:30-15:30
Email: fliu@pdx.edu Email: lizhan@pdx.edu


General Course Information
  • Pre-Requisites: CS 202, MATH 261
  • Schedule: MW 16:40-18:30 Remote (Check your pdx.edu email for the zoom link)
  • Syllabus
  • Grading policy: Homework (25%) + Project (30%) + Middle-term Exam (20%)+ Final Exam (25%)
  • Final Exam: December 05 (Monday) 17:30-19:00 
  • Mail lists: course-CS-447P-001-202204-group@pdx.edu, course-CS-547-001-202204-group@pdx.edu  


Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
4th edition
By Shirley et al.
This book is required.

The OpenGL Programming Guide
9th edition

By Shreiner et al.
This is sometimes called as the "red book."
The current edition is the 8th edition; however, for this class an older edition would be OK.
If you don't want to buy this book, an older version is online in html.

Date Topic Notes Readings
W1: 09/26

Class overview

PDF  Shirley book Chapter 2.1-2.5, Chapter 3.1-3.3
W1: 09/28 Color PDF  Shirley book Chapter 19
W2: 10/03 Image formats
W2: 10/05 Color quantization

PDF Shirley book Chapter 9
W3: 10/10 Dithering
Signal processing
PDF Shirley book Chapter 9
Notes on Floyd-Steinberg Dithering
W3: 10/12 Filtering
W4: 10/17 Composition
Non-photorealistic Rendering
3G Graphics Toolkits
PDF OpenGL Programming Guide Chapter 1
Painterly Rendering with Curved Brush Strokes of Arbitrary Sizes, by Aaron Hertzman.
Shirley book Chapter 3.4
Compositing Digital Images by Tom Porter and Tom Duff
(You need to be on PSU network or use a PSU computer to download this paper)
W4: 10/19 2D / 3D Transformations
PDF Shirley book Chapter 6
OpenGL Red Book Chapter 2 and
Chapter 3: "Overview", "Viewing and Modeling Transformations", "Projection Transformations", "Viewport Transformation"
W5: 10/24 The viewing pipeline
PDF Shirley book Chapter 8.1.3-8.1.6
Shirley book Chapter 7
W5: 10/26 Perspective Projection
W6: 10/31 Rasterization PDF Shirley book Chapter 8.1.1-8.1.2
W6: 11/02 Midterm (in class)    
W7: 11/07 Hidden Surface Removal PDF Shirley book Chapter 8.2-8.2.3, Chapter 12.4
W7: 11/09 Lighting and Shading PDF Shirley book Chapter 10
W8: 11/14 Texture Mapping PDF Shirley book Chapter 11
W8: 11/16 Mesh and Modeling PDF  
W9: 11/21 More Modeling Techniques PDF  
W9: 11/23 Spline PDF Shirley book Chapter 2.5 and 15
W10: 11/28 Ray-tracing   Shirley book Chapter 4
W10: 11/30 Animation    Reading: Principles of Traditional Animation Applied to 3D Computer Animation, by John Lasseter

Programming Resources and Tutorial

Homework: five assignments in total. No late homework will be accepted. Please email your assignment to lizhan@pdx.edu.  
Projects: two projects in total


*Acknowledgment: We'd like to thank Dr. Stephen Chenney for sharing his course material. This course is based on his CS 559 Computer Graphics taught at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The lecture notes were written by him and are sometimes slightly or moderately modified for use in this class.