A head and shoulders of PSU Viking Digital Integrated Circuit Design I
Electrical and Computer Engineering 425/525
Portland State University.
Fall 2014

This is the first term of an approved two term undergraduate sequence and an approved three term graduate sequence. The course is used in several of the undergraduate tracks and is an option for students completing the MS non-thesis comprehensive exam. The first term's goals are to learn and use in simple design problems three large signal device models for the MOSFET, to introduce the steps in MOSFET fabrication, and to begin the study of CMOS circuit and logic design. A laboratory is integrated into the lecture and students will gain skills in device and small scale integrated circuit simulation, and CMOS IC layout. Graduate students are encouraged to begin independent designs. Faculty associated with the ECE have project opportunities for designs in CMOS and other technologies.

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Instructor, PSU EE, ecex25@ece.pdx.edu

Created: Dec 8, 2014