Course Overview

EAS 199C is the third course in a three-part Introduction to Engineering sequence. The curriculum uses lecture, and extensive hands-on experiences to introduce students to the practice of engineering and to motivate the need for courses in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The curriculum is fast-paced and used parallel threads of instruction that boosts experiential learning and creates dynamic learners with a can-do attitude.



You can download a fresh copy of the syllabus here.


Evan Thomas

Office: 301K


Phone: 503.725.2898

Office Hours: By appointment

Mailbox: ME Office, Engineering Building Room 400


Drew Wollman

Office: My cube is located in the Engineering Building 400 Suite


Office Hours: By appointment. Just stop by and if I am available, I'll help you.

Mailbox: ME Office, Engineering Building Room 400


We will be using Redmine to host our forum.

Homework questions, comments, and news will be posted on the forum. There will also be project related threads.

To get started click here Click "Sign in" in the upper right hand corner Log in using your CECS credentials. (What ever you use to log into the computer on the 3rd floor lab.) When you do this your username gets added to a list. After you do this, Email the TA your username. You will then be invited you to the group.

Consult the CAT web page for answers to your questions.


There is no textbook. Daily lecture notes will be provided in advance on the course web site.

Time and Place

Mondays and Wednesdays, 2:00 - 3:50 PM Engineering Building, Room 365