Overview of Wiring for Electrical Power

This web page describes the wiring for electrical power to the Arduino, solenoids and heater.

Wiring of the fish tank is divided into these steps:

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The following schematic shows the power supply circuit.


  1. Connect the barrel jack to two of the posts on the barrier strip the switch box.
  2. Connect short jumpers (red and green lines in the schematic) to two other terminals
  3. Connect one switch to each of the positive leads coming out of the barrier strip
    1. The positive lead from the first switch (S1) goes to the 12V rail of the breadboard
    2. The positive lead from the second switch (S2) goes to the positive terminal of the pump motor
  4. Connect the negative (ground) leads
    1. Negative ground rail of the breadboard
    2. Negative terminal of the pump

The following photo shows a barrel jack connector for supplying power from the 12V rail to the Arduino.