Attaching the Solenoid Plate to the Upright

The solenoid plate is a board attached to the top of the upright. Two solenoids will be attached to the solenoid plate.

This web page describes how to attach the solenoid plate to top of the upright. The entire assembly of the platform is divided into the following steps.

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The objective of this step is to attach the a 1x5 board to the top of 2x4 upright as shown in the following photograph.

Solenoid plate attached to the upright

Locate, mark, drill and install the solenoid plate

Center the solenoid plate so that there is an equal overhang on both sides of the upright. Use the square to align the solenoid plate at a right angle to the upright. Also use your fingers to make sure the top of the solenoid plate is flush with the top of the upright.

Locate the solenoid plate

Mark location of screws on the solenoid plate

Mark the solenoid plate

Clamp the solenoid plate in the bench vise and drill the through-holes in the solenoid plate.

Drill through-holes in the solenoid plate

Check the alignment of the solenoid plate as the screws are tightened.

Check alignment as solenoid plate is attached

Next Step

The next step is to attach the circuit plate standoffs to the upright.