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Fish Tank Fabrication, Assembly and Control

The fish tank assembly notes are collected on a series of pages. The following links provide direct access to the instructions for the fabrication and assembly steps.

Overview of the assignment (PDF version)
Assemble the wooden platform
Main web page
Attach the feet to the upright
Attach the feet to the solenoid plate
Attach the stand-off for the circuit plate
Attach the L-bracket for the pump
Assemble the PVC fish tank
Main web page
Fabricate the conductivity sensor
PowerPoint or 2-up PDF
Assemble the flow loop plumbing
Overview of plumbing including the schematic.
Connect the pump and tank to the platform.
Attach the salinity sensor and three-way valve to the platform and connect the tubing.
Assemble the wiring:
Main web page
Connect electrical power
Connect salinity sensor
Connect the solenoid valves
Assemble the wire harness for the LCD panel:
Main web page
Soldering the header to the LCD PCB
Constructing the female connector block
Displaying floating point values to the LCD panel
Assemble the heater: web pages
Assemble and calibrate the thermistor probe
Web pages for fabricating a waterproof thermistor probe
Pdf document on how to obtain the resistance versus temperature calibration of a thermistor
MATLAB code to compute the T = f(R) and R = g(T) curve fits for calibration of a thermistor
Notes on usina an Arduino to measure (and compute) temperature using a thermistor and an Arduino.
Arduino sketches and libraries for measuring temperature with a thermistor.

MATLAB Programming

Screencasts on using MATLAB are available on a separate page

Arduino Programming and Hardware Interfacing

The following list is a compilation of links to lecture slides from EAS 199A and EAS 199B. Most of the lecture slides combine a discussion of hardware with Arduino programming, with the hardware coming first. Thus, if you are only interested in the programs, you will need to flip through the hardware part at the beginning of most of the slide decks.

Introduction and breadboarding (from David Hall at Louisiana Tech)
PPT Slides or 3-up handouts
Part 1: Code structure, variables, function arguments
Slides or 3-up handouts
Part 2: Variables (again), loops
Slides or 3-up handouts
Part 3: Controlling motors, writing functions
Slides or 3-up handouts
Part 4: Flow control Logic: "if" statements
Slides or 3-up handouts
Part 5: Functions Redux and Intro to Arrays
Slides or 3-up handouts
Part 6: Interface to a 20x4 LCD panel, and introduction to object-oriented programming
slides or 3-up handouts
For more detailed information on building the wiring harness, refer to this tutorial.
Part 7: Flow charts and top-down design
slides or 3-up handouts

Programming for the Desktop Fan Project

Another take on Arduino programming, with an emphasis on PWM control of a DC motor, is in this compilation of slides related to the desk top fan project from EAS 199A:

The complete fan project slides and 3-up handouts.

Other Arduino Programming References

Working with Thermistors

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