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This page provides instructions and quick tips on how to complete administrative and computer-related tasks necessary for success in EAS 199A. Material will be added as necessary throughout the quarter.

Content from the class web site:

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How to write an email message suitable for professional communication

Your email should at least have these components

  1. A meaningful subject line. For homework assignments, your subject line should include
    • The Department and number of the class, e.g. "EAS 199A"
    • The assignment number, e.g. "Problem Set 1"
    • A short description of the content, e.g., "Completing the email assignment".
  2. Body text that
    • is grammatically correct.
    • consists of complete sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation.
    • is organized into paragraphs if the message is more than, say, four sentences long.
  3. A closing or signature that includes
    • Your full name (first and last)
    • Optionally, additional identifying information like section number

Activate your MCECS Computer Account

Instructions are on this page on the CAT web site.

Get a PSU ID Card that Opens Doors in the Engineering Building

To get into the Engineering Building after hours, and to get into the MCECS computing labs, you will need a Proximity Card. The Proximity Card, also called a Mag Card or a Key Card is different from your PSUOne card that serves as a debt/credit card.

To get a Proximity Card, take $12 and a "valid government issued photo ID" to the ID Services Window in the Lobby of Neuberger Hall. Hours of operation are listed on the ID Services web page.

A page on the CAT web site describes how to use your Proximity Card to get into labs. Please heed the discussion of security on that page. In particular note

Obviously, propping doors open for any reason is unacceptable and defeats the security we've put in place. It will also set off an alarm notifying security officers on duty. Doing this could result in the loss of your privileges.

Having a proximity card does not grant you access to all of the labs in MCECS.

Get a student version of MathCAD for your computer

PSU's Office of Information Technology provides single installation copy of MathCAD to PSU students for $20. To obtain a CD with the MathCAD installer

  1. Download and complete the application form.
  2. Bring the completed form and $20 to the Help Desk in room 18 of Smith Memorial Student Center. You will need to show your current PSU ID to verify that you are a current student.

Make a screen shot with Windows 7

The Snipping Tool is used to create and annotate screen shots. The following instructions are from

  1. Prepare the object to be captured by arranging it on your computer screen.
  2. Launch the Snipping Tool: StartAll ProgramsAccessoriesSnipping Tool. This will dim the screen and open a small toolbar
  3. From the New menu, select the type of snip: free-form, rectangular, window, or full-screen
  4. Depending on the type of snip, either click (on the window) or drag (to select) on the selection.

Make a screen shot with Macintosh

The Grab application is used to create and annotate screen shots. The following instructions are from

  1. Prepare the object to be captured by arranging it on your computer screen.
  2. From the Capture menu, select one of Selection, Window, Screen, or Timed Screen
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions