Vision of a New Instrument Orchestra

:: new timeless instruments, committed performers, orchestral forms

:: simplicity, virtuosity, precision, interpretation, distinct timbral character

:: large ensembles, new and traditional musical structures, score rehearsal and performance


To build electronic instruments that rival or exceed the complexity, expressiveness and well-defined character of traditional orchestral instruments.

To build an orchestra and/or chamber orchestra of instrumentalists deeply committed to their electronic instruments, whether they have built these instruments themselves, or are in close collaboration with an instrument builder.

To personally commit to performing and perfecting complex and expressive electronic instruments for a period of time long enough to support the lifecycle of orchestra building, score composition and one or more seasons of practice, rehearsal, conducting and public performance.


To build electronic instruments in any form, whether digital or analog, pure electronics or hybrid combinations with non-electronic elements, subject to the requirement that they only sound when peformed by their instrumentalists.

To build instruments that demonstrate simplicity of design, yet manifest inifinite emerging properties of virtuosic expression. Such instruments are easy to play musically in a simple manner by anyone with the gift for musical expression, but nonetheless are robust enough in their interactive and affordable interface and rich enough in their timbral signature to be worthy of a lifetime of study and mastery.

To build instruments that, in addition to simplicity and virtuosity, demonstrate the characteristic of a clearly identifiable timbral character, though it may vary considerably across its frequency range, and which are precise enough that careful execution may repeat any given performnce, subject only (and only when appropriate) to the common sense vicissitudes and nuances of interpretation and artistic license.


To combine a large group musicians committed to their new instruments into an orchestra and/or chamber orchestra for the purpose of performing new works of live electronic music.

To score new music for new instruments roughly in the manner of the traditional orchestral tradition, yet to be tolerant of all current and future learning with regard to the creation of scores, whether strictly through-composed, subject to chance operations, improvised or otherwise.

To recognize the traditional and timeless forms of orchestral and chamber music scoring, at any scale, and apply them to new electronic instruments.

To interpret, arrange or adapt any historical orchestral score for the new instrument orchestra, as appropriate.

To invent new forms of scoring, perhaps conceivable only in the context of an orchstra of new instruments.

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