Recommendation Letters

For me to provide a recommendation letter, my typical policy is that you must have taken at least two classes with me, or worked on an undergraduate research project or equivalent. If I granted exceptions to this policy, I might not be able to write a substantive enough letter for your application.

When requesting a recommendation letters, please give me at least two months before the deadline to find a time in my schedule to compose the letter. Provide unofficial transcripts, a list of schools and/or fellowships to which you are applying, all due dates, your written application materials such as a personal statement and CV/resume, and anything else you are submitting. Specially-prepared materials you are submitting to funding opportunties like the proposal required for the NSF GRFP fellowship are great too. And don't feel shy about sending a reminder a week or two before the due date!

Letters are always confidential and are submitted directly to the program to which you're applying. Applicants must waive their right to view submitted letters. There are no exceptions to these rules.