NOTE: This is an archive of the very first web site devoted to keeping discus. In 1999 I left the hobby to devote more time to my growing family. At that time, I tranferred the data from my site to the "Discus Breeders Web Site." However, this web site appears to have gone inactive. Therefore, I've re-activated this page for ARCHIVAL PURPOSES ONLY. Many of the links are busted. However, much of the information that still exists is worthwile. Enjoy... David Robinson.

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1998-99 "People's Choice" Discus Breeder Results!

1998-99 Best Discus Web Site Results!

The annual discus contests are brought to you by AquaWorld Network, The Discus Breeder's Web Site, and The (original) Discus Page

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Gills with gill fluke Gill Fluke closeup Gill Fluke closeup
Tape worm Tape worm head Tape worm mouth parts
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