CS 496/596 Network Security - Winter 2019

Instructor Contact

Dr. Charles V. Wright
Office: FAB 120-25
Phone: 503-725-4252
Email: cvwright cs pdx edu (fill in the missing punctuation)
Office Hours: Tue 2-4, or by appointment

Course Information

Time: Mondays and Wednesdays, 2:00-3:50pm
Location:KMC 380

For more information, see the full PDF version of the syllabus.

Course Schedule

Date Topics Assignments
Jan 7 Introduction
  • Motivation: Why study network security?
  • Administrivia
  • Course overview
  • Fundamentals of information security: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability
  • Historical reasons for insecurity
"Homework" 1: Generating keys for the Lab
Jan 9 Historical Security Challenges
  • Review of elementary network protocols (Ethernet, ARP, TCP/IP, DNS)
  • Spoofing and snooping
Lab 1 (???) - Start Date TBD
Jan 14 Introduction to Applied Cryptography: Symmetric Crypto
  • Classical cryptography
  • Symmetric encryption
Read before class:
Jan 16 Symmetric Crypto continued
  • Hash functions
  • Message authentication codes
Lab 2: Applied Crypto Intro
Lab 2: Applied Crypto Intro
  • Textbook sections on public-key cryptography (Anderson Chapter 5)
Jan 23 Introduction to Applied Cryptography: Public Key Crypto
  • Asymmetric encryption
  • Digital signatures
  • Diffie-Hellman key exchange
Jan 28 Authentication Protocols
  • Diffie-Hellman key exchange
  • Needham-Schroeder
  • Prudent Engineering Practice
Lab 3: Public Key Crypto
  • Flags and code are due in git Wednesday night, Feb 6th
Read for Wednesday:
Jan 30 Protocols for Confidentiality
  • SSH
  • IPsec
Feb 4 More Security Protocols
Lab 4: Breaking Bad Crypto
  • Flags and code are due in git Friday night, Feb 17th
Feb 6 Lab 4: Breaking Bad Crypto
Feb 11 Midterm Exam
Feb 13 Firewalls and Network Defense
Feb 18 Grad Presentations
  • TBD
Network Security Monitoring and Intrusion Detection
  • Read before class: Ptacek and Newsham, "Insertion, Evasion, and Denial of Service: Eluding Network Intrusion Detection", 1998. (See D2L for the PDF.)
Feb 20 Security of Core Internet Services: DNS
Lab 4: Breaking Bad Crypto, Due Wed Feb 27
Feb 25 Security of Core Internet Services: Routing
... Topics TBD
Mar 20 Final Exam, 12:30-2:20pm