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Dr. Campbell is currently teaching ECE 323 Analog Electronics
and ECE 510-006 Antennas

Spring Quarter Office Hours 1:00 - 2:00 Tuesday, and by appointment

Office 20-11 Fourth Avenue Building
Phone 503 725-2822

Spring 2018 ECE323 Materials

Spring 2018 ECE323 Study Guides

Spring 2013 ECE323 Midterm Exam

Spring ECE323 Labs

Spring 2018 Antennas

Fall 2015 ECE421/521 Class Project

AF Circuit Board

Basic audio amplifier circuit board with complementary symmetry output
Approximately 0.5 watt output at clipping using 13.8 volt supply
Build November 2015

Low Power Stereo

Stereo pair of 0.5 watt audio amplifiers

15 Watt per channel Stereo

15 Watt per Channel Stereo

2m AM Receiver

Modular 144 MHz AM receiver

Fall 2017 ECE421/521 Course materials

Fall Quarter 2013 ECE510 Instrumentation Project

In Fall 2013 the class designed, built, and deployed a solar-powered off-grid recovery beacon
Photo 1: Example Ugly Constructed first prototype by Suraj Nair
Photo 2: Example EPL second prototype by Suraj Nair

Prototype 1 Prototype 2

40 milliwatt beacon signal by Ken Kimura, Hillsboro, received by ionospheric reflection in Seattle
using advanced signal processing techniques developed by PSU Alum Richard Campbell in collaboration
with the class. 3rd signal in from left


Winter 2013 ECE510 Instrumentation Project

In Winter 2013 the class designed, built, and deployed recoverable sonobouys for marine life monitoring
Photo 1: Prototype Sonobouy
Photo 2: Preparing to Launch
Photo 3: Deployed--note rubber ducky and fishing line recovery system

Sonobouy Sonobouy Sonobouy

note: presentation slide files are large and may require significant time to download

Dr. Campbell's slides from Recent IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society chapter meeting
"Off Grid Interconnected Devices"
note: large file


Dr. Campbell's slides from Invited Paper to COMPASS 2013 Cascade Microtech/Agilent Users Conference
"On-Wafer Measurements in RFIC Design"
9 September 2013
Anaheim, CA


Dr. Campbell's slides from Invited Paper to IEEE Sustainable Technology Conference
"Electromagnetic Green Spaces for Research and Recreation"
1 August 2013
Portland, OR


Dr. Campbell's slides from a Presentation to the QRP ARCI Conference, Dayton Ohio, May 16 2013

"Hard Rock: A Modular Approach to Experimental Radio"
16 May 2013
Dayton, Ohio


Dr. Campbell's white paper on the Instrumentation Receiver described in the QRP Presentation

"A Black Box HF-VHF Instrumentation Receiver"

white paper

Dr. Campbell's slides from a PSU Graduate Seminar

"Small Science -- Big Impact"
1 May 2013
Engineering Building PSU


Dr. Campbell's slides from an industry presentation

"Teaching Analog-RF Electronics from 1Hz to 1THz"
4 January 2013


Dr. Campbell presented at the Local Chapter Meeting of the IEEE MTT Society

"Hardware Project-Based Microwave Engineering Education"
24 October 2012
TriQuint Semiconductor

Slides MTT Local Chapter Talk

Dr. Campbell's white paper on Microstrip Filter Design without using a Computer

"Designing a Printed Microstrip Filter Without a Computer"

white paper

PSU Ocean Engineering Society

Summer 2013 The FR4IC Project

Example FR4IC--low frequency signal conditioning circuit
low-power low-distortion low-noise audio amplifier
200Hz - 4kHz bandpass response


Archive Course Notes

Winter 2018 ECE422/522 Analog IC Design Materials

Winter 2018 ECE517 Instrumentation and Sensing Materials

321 Weekly Study Guides: Note Dates, 2016 Guides are included for reference
these are updated weekly

Example Fall 2016 ECE321 Quiz for reference

Spring 2017 ECE510 RFIC Design Course Materials

Winter 2017 ECE517 Instrumentation and Sensing Materials

Winter 2016 ECE422/522 Materials

Winter 2016 ECE510 Instrumentation and Sensing Materials

Spring 2015 ECE510 RFIC Design Course Materials

Winter 2015 ECE422/522 Analog IC Design Materials

Winter 2015 ECE510 Instrumentation and Measurement course materials

These are new course notes for classes taught in 2013

Winter 2014 ECE510 Instrumentation and Sensing I Course Materials

Spring 2013 ECE510 RFIC Design Course Materials Archive

These are archive course notes for prior classes

ECE 510 Instrumentation and Measurement I course materials

Please attend the CRAW Seminar Wednesday March 5 from 2:30 to 4:00 in the Dean's Conference Room
These are current Instrumentation and Measurement activities on the Oregon Coast.

Note: Extra Credit for appropriate questions to Dr. Shearman about his measurement system hardware.
some of Dr. Shearman's other work involves deploying inexpensive temperature sensors on commercial fisherman crab pots

Analog Signal Labs

Dr. Campbell's Analog Signal Labs has three laboratories in off-campus locations.
Each has external antennas and access to signals and natural environments not available at an urban campus.

The primary focus of Analog Signal Labs is the hardware/electronics transition between the natural world
Electromagnetic and Acoustic environments and the input to an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) for subsequent
Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

The Rad Lab

Rad Lab

The Rad Lab is the primary design, fabrication, test, and measurement facility for
new RF and analog signal processing hardware, antennas, and sensor platforms.

Facilities include:

The Loft

The Loft is an actual upstairs loft in a small town residential area geographically and electromagnetically isolated from Portland.
The Loft has HF antennas and easy access to RF quiet environments for field testing hardware, studies of Ionospheric Propagation
and measurements of rural, rural-residential and marine electromagnetic and acoustic noise environments.


The QUIET Lab is a small off-grid RF and Acoustic laboratory on board the Sailing Vessel Lady Day.
Auxiliary power on SV Lady Day is diesel. Electrical power is battery and solar, for near-zero platform noise.
Lady Day may be anchored thousands of meters from shore-based noise sources such as 60 Hz lines, switching power supplies,
and microprocessors, which provides a broadband electromagnetic and acoustic noise floor approaching the thermal limit.
Lady Day and associated small craft provide a convenient platform for field testing undersea acoustics hardware.

Analog Signal Labs Work

Analog Signal Labs has historically focused on Direct Conversion systems, innovative IQ modulator/demodulators and applications, printed
circuit board microwave transmit and receive systems, wide in-channel dynamic range receivers, near field sensors, and 2 element arrays.
Recent work includes low-noise balanced measurements, floating ground amplifiers, and modulated scatterer telemetry.
Here is a violin microphone system developed in collaboration with Geesman Violins Violin Microphone

Matched Pairs of Sensors, Analog and Digital Signal Processors for 2 Element Array studies

Analog Signal Labs Collaborators

Analog Signal Labs is engaged in formal and informal collaborations with the 1/f Noise Lab at Cascade Microtech, the Microwave
Device Characterization Lab at TriQuint Semiconductor, Wireless Remote Sensing lab at Lizard Monitoring, Kanga US, Geesman Violins,
and a steadily growing list of other Portland laboratories engaged in low-noise, high-frequency and on-wafer measurements.
A most delightful and entertaining set of collaborations involves the extended community of recently retired former Bell Labs colleagues,
academic scientists, and Research engineers who invented the technical world as we know it and haven't slowed down a bit now that
they are free to pursue curiosity-driven basic rather than externally-funded applied research.

30 October 2012
The Tall Ship extended family is mourning the loss of HMS Bounty at sea yesterday

HMS Bounty was a school ship, an extended community, an iconic bit of history,
and a gathering place for thousands of her students and former crew.
14 of her crew were successfully rescued. Deckhand Claudene Christian did not survive.
The Coast Guard continues to search for her Captain, Robin Walbridge.


These are short essays on pertinent or impertinent topics of current interest
They may appear at the rate of one per month

New Course Notes

These are new course notes in development for upcoming classes
Material added as it becomes available

Short Course Notes

These are course notes from professional development classes taught by Dr. Campbell
Format is short presentation followed by in-depth white board discussion

Archive of 2005-2010 Microwave Engineering and Low Power Wireless at Portland State University


This page is archived reference material for the Microwave Design courses previously taught by Dr. Campbell.

ECE432/532 Final Project Template Download

Exam 1 Materials for ECE432 ECE532 Microwave Engineering Spring 2010

Course Outline for Spring 2010 ECE510 Low Power Wireless

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ECE510 Final Project Template Download

Take-Home Exam 1 for Low Power Wireless Spring 2010

Syllabus and Outline for Winter 2010 ECE431 and ECE531 Microwave Engineering Classes

click here to download

Winter 2010 In-Class Exercise Thursday Jan 21

The first In-class exam is on Thursday January 29.

Lab study project for Winter 2010

Syllabus and Outline for West Side Fall 2009 RFIC Design Class

Syllabus for 2008-2009 RF Design Sequence

click here to download

Contact Information

Dr. Campbell can be reached at campbell@ece.pdx.edu.

Winter 2009 ECE431/531 study materials

Also see the Fall 2008 study materials. The first In-class exam is on Thursday January 29.

Spring 2009 ECE510 technical exercise

Due in class Wednesday May 27

Spring 2009 ECE532 study materials

Also see the Spring 2008 and Winter 2009 study materials. The first In-class exam is on Thursday April 23

Winter 2009 ECE532 study materials

Also see the Spring 2008 study materials. The first In-class exam is on Wednesday January 28.

Fall 2008 study materials for first exam

These are examples taken from previous exams. The In-class exam on Monday October 26 will cover the same material.

Fall 2008 1st exam

Fall 2008 2nd exam

Spring 2008 study guides

Spring 2008 quiz 2

Winter 2008 study guides

LTSpice Downloads Winter 2008

Archive ECE 332 Course Information for reference
This page is archived reference material for the Spring Quarter 2008 Electromagnetics II class taught by Dr. Richard Campbell.

Syllabus for Spring 2008
click here to download

ECE 332 Labs and Simulations

Archive ECE531 study guides and other important PDFs for reference

Archive ECE532 study guides and other important PDFs for reference

Older study guides

Project Resources

Recent Designs by R. Campbell

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