LaTeX and Annotated Bibliographies

A former Skills student, Yang Chen wrote this template file for an annotated bibliography, and also modified the ACM bibliography style to print the “annote” fields from the BibTeX entry as part of the reference.    In 2013, another student, Byron Nevis, adapted this idea to work with ACM-Reference-Format-Journals.bst, creating

The template is annotated_bibliography.tex; if you run it through (pdflatex; bibtex; pdflatex; pdflatex) you should get annotated_bibliography.pdf

These files are made available to future students of Skills to use at their own risk; please report issues on Piazza.   Ultimate responsibility for following the style guidelines remains with you!

contains the following files:

If you choose to use this format, all of your annotations will have to go in the .bib database, rather than in your annotated bibliography source file.
This is probably a good idea:  annotations in your .bib database are likely to be useful to you long after the specific assignments for this course are long forgotten.

Andrew P. Black, 23rd January 2014