Project 5: Revise 2500-word paper
Scholarship Skills Winter 2017

Revise the review or research paper that you wrote for Project 4, taking into account the feedback that you received from the instructors and from your peers, and what you learned by reverse-outlining your previous submission.   Be sure that you make it clear whether the paper is presenting new research or whether it is a review paper.

For your audience, assume a reader who has completed the core courses for an MS degree in Computer Science.  Grading will be according to this rubric; I suggest that you read it!

Deliverables: All deliverables should be double-spaced, and have room for us to write in the margins. For formatting please use the Springer LNCS proceedings format, downloadable at, with the exception that the text should be double-spaced.  (Use \renewcommand{\baselinestretch}{2} before the \begin{document}.)

I hope that you will find it useful to construct, for your own use, an outline based on your previous version, and that you will use this to guide your revisions.  However, you are not required to turn in an outline as a project deliverable.

Consider whether it would help your readers to add diagrams or other graphics.   Conversely, do you have a graph that would be better represented as a table of numbers?

The final paper is due on Thursday, 16th March 2017 at the beginning of class. Make sure that your copy is double-spaced, and has room for us to write in the margins. Also turn in a pdf version using Piazza.

Please keep to the 2500-word limit. Write less, say more! If you are over length, revise to be more concise.  Put the word count on your final paper, and make sure that your name, and the fact that this is a deliverable for Project 5, are on the front page.

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