PSU CS 669 Scholarship Skills, Winter 2017
Project 2: Revise One-page Summary

Assigned Tuesday, 31st January 2017
Due Tuesday, 7th February 2017

Revise your one-page summary paper (Exercise 3 assigned on 24th January), based on the feedback you received on the initial submission, and on what you have learned in class. Your submission should consist of four or five parts, in this order.

  1. Your revised summary.
  2. A copy of your original summary (i.e., what you turned in for Exercise 3).  [This should be omitted if (3) or (4) takes the form of a marked-up original].
  3. The peer review you received.
  4. The review from the instructor.
  5. A short list of the main improvements you made. For example:

If you turn in your assignment on Piazza, please combine everything into a single pdf file.

The main point of this assignment is to develop a critical “ear”  [Dupré, p. xxi] in reading your own compositions. If your reviewers suggested improvements, don’t just accept them blindly. Instead, think about the problem that needs to be solved, and try to find a better way to solve it than the way that the reviewer suggested.  If you don’t understand one of the problems that have been highlighted, and haven’t yet asked us to explain, this would be a great time to do so.

Please use IEEE Transactions format for your reference list, as described here.  (There will always be at least one reference: the paper that you are summarizing.)
Don't forget to double-space your summary.

This Project will be graded against this rubric.   Read it now and make sure that you understand what we will be looking for when we grade your work.

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