Scholarship Skills — Winter 2017

Project 4: Five-page paper

Assigned: 9th Feb 2017

Prepare a review or research paper on a technical topic of about 2500 words — roughly 5 pages when double spaced, depending on the format and how many figures you include. It should be a complete paper with abstract, introduction, conclusions and bibliography.  For formatting please use the Springer LNCS proceedings format. LaTeX templates are downloadable at

If you choose to write a review, your paper should be more than a string of summaries of prior work. You should place results in a common framework and present them with a uniform terminology, and explain how they relate to each other. A review paper should be based on at least 6 sources. (We expect that you will start with the sources from your annotated bibliography, but it’s OK to add or delete if you find that other sources tell your story better.)  

If you choose to write a research article, be sure to place your work in the context of prior work. This means being explicit about how your contribution is an advance on the prior work.  For your audience, assume a reader who has completed the core courses for an MS degree in your field.

A first draft of your paper is due Tuesday 21st February. Bring two hard copies of the draft to class; make sure that your draft is double-spaced, and has room for us to write in the margins.  One copy is for another student; students will peer-review each other’s drafts as an exercise assigned that day.  The other copy is for the grader to mark-up.

The final paper is due on Tuesday, 28th February, at the beginning of class. Make sure that your copy is double-spaced, and has room for us to write in the margins.

Try to keep to the 2500-word limit. Write less, say more! If you are over-length, revise to be more concise.  Put the word count on your final paper.

Grading Rubric

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