PSU CS 669 Scholarship Skills, Winter 2017
Project 3: Five-minute Talk

Assigned 2nd Feb 2017.  Talks will be delivered on 16th Feb.

You are to prepare and deliver a short (five-minute) presentation that corresponds to the paper that you summarized for Project 2. A presentation of this length will probably involve a small number of slides—perhaps as many as 6 if the fonts are really large, or perhaps 2 or 3 plus a title slide if there is more content on the slides.  Presentations will be scheduled in-class time on 16th February;  sign up for a slot in Piazza.

You will not be able to cover the entire contents of your summary paper in five minutes! Nevertheless, the five minute timebox is absolute, so you should constrain yourselves to that time. You will therefore have to choose what to present. We will give an example presentation next week to give you an idea of what a five-minute talk looks like.

If you plan to project slides, upload them, in PDF format, to Piazza the evening before the talk, so that I can have them on my laptop.  PDF format is good, because the visual appearance can be relied upon. Please also bring a paper copy of your presentation materials with you to your talk, for the instructor to mark up.  Print your slides 4-up, black-on-white, for easy markup, and make sure that there are numbers on the slides.  (If the text is too small when printed 4-up, it will certainly be too small when projected!)

I will give you some immediate feedback at the time you present, with written comments later. 

If you wish to bring handouts for the students in the class, you may do so, but this is not required, and generally not necessary.

Why are we asking for a PDF file and not PowerPoint? PowerPoint does not contain font metric information. If a font that you chose does not happen to be resident on the computer that is projecting your slides, PowerPoint will silently substitute another font. There will be no warning, but your text may overflow the slide or the boxes in your graphics. In contrast, PDF viewers like Acrobat will construct a font that is similar in appearance and of the same size as the missing font.

If you need to show a movie to help the audience understand your topic (for example, you may be describing a motion-tracking or animation technique), or play audio, then talk to the instructor first  to make sure that the format you have is acceptable.

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