PSU CS 669 Scholarship Skills, Winter 2017
Project 6: 15-minute talk

Assigned: Thursday 9th March 2017

You are to prepare and deliver a 15-minute presentation corresponding to your Paper for Project 5. The presentations will be scheduled during the normal class time on 16th March. Plan to attend all of the talks, not just one that you are presenting.  Seeing other talks, and hearing them critiqued, will help you to present your own work better.  Be aware that class may run a little long.

As with the 5-minute presentations, please bring a paper copy of your presentation materials for the instructor. Your materials should be 4-up, black on white. (You can also bring copies for the audience, but this is not required.) In the talk, it is important to show the framework or organization of the paper. You will not have time to present everything in your paper; the talk must tell a story of its own, which will be a subset of what's in the paper.  Think of the talk as an advertisement for the paper

If you plan to project slides, I ask to receive them in Piazza by 9am on Thursday 16th. PDF format is required, because the visual appearance can be relied upon.  If you need to show a video or something more exotic, contact me ahead of time to make sure that it works.

Deadline: 09:00 on Thursday 16th March.   If you miss the deadline, bring the slides to your session on a memory stick, but a penalty will be applied to your grade. The grading rubric for the talks is as follows:

Time (should be 15 mins)
1 min under or over: 5
1-2 min under or over: 4
3-4 min under or over: 3
4-5 min under or over: 2
5-6 min under or over: 1
>6 min under or over: 0
Materials Explained the problem, and why it matters
Told a story
Accessible to non-specialist
Used examples
Used graphics in preference to text
Delivery Explained the problem, and why it matters
Told a story
Accessible to non-specialist
Used examples
Fielding Questions Listened?
Asked for clarification if necessary
Concise answer? 
Final check-in with questioner
Total   18

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