PSU CS 669 Scholarship Skills, Winter 2017
Exercise 3: One-page summary

Assigned Tuesday 24th January; due Thursday, 26th January.

Prepare a 1-page (~500-word) summary of one of the papers from your bibliography. Be very careful with mechanics, grammar, notation and style, and follow the Core rules of writing. You should go through at least two drafts of the summary, paying particular attention to the core rules of writing on the second draft.

Make sure that your summary covers the problem solved, the approach used, and the results or conclusions of the work. You can assume the reader has Masters-level background in your field (CS, EE, etc.)

The paper should be typeset. Please submit it in double-space format with generous margins (so it will actually be closer to two pages as submitted). This is to give peer-reviewers room to write comments and corrections. Be sure to include a citation to the paper you are summarizing.

Remember to be extremely careful about not plagiarizing. Your summary should be completely new writing, and not a paraphrase of portions of the paper. You may of course quote if that is appropriate, but it must be clear that you are quoting.

You will be receiving a peer review of your work, and this review will help you in Project 2, which will involve further revision of the summary. You must save a copy of both your original paper, and the peer review.

Bring two copies of your summary to class, on paper, on 26st January: one is for peer review, the other for the grader.  Also, upload a copy to Piazza as a private message to "Instructors"  Put your email address, as well as your name, in your summary, so that you can receive email feedback.

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