Computer Science for Beginners

CS 199 (Summer 2009)

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Course Overview: This course is an introduction to programming and computing. It is designed for those who have had no previous exposure to computer science or problem-solving with computers, The main topic is not the syntax and mechanics of a particular programming language, but how to design computer programs to solve problems.

The programming language that we use to implement our designs is DrScheme, a very simple yet enormously powerful language designed for this course. The DrScheme programming environment is freely available for download and should be installed on your own computer, if you have one. The design skills that you learn in this course can be reused throughout your programming career, no matter whether you are programming in a conventional progarmming language or designing a business process or web page.

PSU CRN: 82659

Class meets: Summer Quarter 2009, starting on 20th July and ending on 13th August
         Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 09:15–11:35 FAB 150   

Final Exam: in the normal class session on Thursday, 13th August.


Andrew Black, office: FAB 115-10, phone 503 725 2411

Office hours: Monday–Thursday 11:35–12:00 (or as long as there are students waiting).

Course Description:

Introduction to fundamental concepts of computer science. Problem solving, alogrithm and program design, data types, loops, control structures, subprograms, and arrays. Learn to write programs in a high level programming language. Surveys current social and ethical aspects of computer science. This course satisfies the prerequisites for CS 162 in Academic year 2009-10.

Required Text:

How to Design Programs, by Matthias Felleisen, Robert Bruce Findler, Matthew Flatt and Shriram Krishnamurthi. MIT Press, 2001.

ISBN-10: 0-262-06218-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-262-06218-3

The textbook has its own website

Other Readings

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