Press: Bart Massey

Here's some links to articles related to me and my work in publications around town and worldwide. There's a bit more around, but this is probably plenty for now. I don't control the links, so apologies if older stories are no longer reachable.

2011/02/16Associated PressRe: Watson
2011/02/14Discover Magazine OnlineRe: Watson
2007/03/11The OregonianRe: Metro 802.11 Network
2007/01/23The OregonianRe: Linux Foundation
2006/09/16Linux.comRe: Google Summer of Code
2006/07LinuxInsiderRe: Connexions Open Textbook Repository
2006/05Reed MagazineRe: Academic open source
2005/11/28Christian Science Monitor storyRe: Oregon open source
2005/11/08PSU Vanguard storyRe: Google grant
2005/11Oregon Business Magazine listRe: 50 In Motion state business leaders
2005/10/18PSU News ReleaseRe: Google grant
2005/10/18PSU Vanguard storyRe: Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science
2005/09/15PSU Vanguard storyRe: PSAS LV2 avionics launch
2005/03/04PSU Vanguard storyRe: My work with PSAS