Directions To Bart Massey's Office

First, get to the south end of SW 4th or 5th Avenue downtown.
FAB NW of I-5/405 S junct.
This portion of the PSU campus contains the Fourth Avenue Building (FAB), the home of the PSU Computer Science Department (also the PSU ECE Dept., City Development Commission offices, and PGE offices, among other things).

The crucial block is the one on 4th south of Harrison.


During the day on weekdays, you can park under the Engineering Building and get your parking validated by the CS office if you've OK'ed it with me first.

The easiest way to find my office is to proceed along 4th Ave. to the main FAB entrance or come up from below. Once in the Plaza Level lobby, proceed past the security guard and bear left to the Computer Science Dept. offices.


My office is in the back corner: the office staff can direct you. After hours, use the phone at the CS office door to call 5-5393: I'll come and let you in.

My office GPS coordinates are roughly 45.51017, -122.68007 (updated recently, so please use these numbers instead of old, wrong ones); useful if you want to set up your in-car GPS, I guess.